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The Great May Potterama

Mark this in your calendar – Potter Textiles is opening especially for BSC Perth.

The last special opening for us saw the Potter Textiles retail outlet – which is not a huge space – overrun with keen sewing-persons (what word to describe us? Seamstresses is so Victorian, sewers has plumbing connotations).  It was also unbearably hot.

This time the weather will be a lot more pleasant, and the bargains and inspirations will be just as impressive.

Simon has asked us to wear garments we’ve made from Potter fabrics.  Those who’ve never been to Potter’s are, of course, excused from this.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

The Great May Potterama
Potter Textiles
Saturday May 14, 2011
1.30 – 3pm.
12 Macewan Street, West Leederville, which runs off Loftus Street and is opposite a garish blue and yellow bedding shop.

Don’t forget to RSVP for this event on our new MeetUp page. But… don’t worry if you forget to RSVP – you’re welcome to come along either way!


Goodbye, Hello

Hello there! Yes, you haven’t gotten rid of me yet 🙂

So apparently BurdaStyle are just as sick of as we are (spam, navigation like a maze, more spam etc) so they are swapping us over to and it sounds like they will eventually drop the Ning community.

Sarah has kindly set us up already but the four of us are lonely so why don’t you come over and join us?

The great thing about is it is less hierarchical (I looked that one up, it’s a real word!) so any of you can post a meet (maybe you spot a great craft fair or just feel like inviting a few of us for coffee) and everyone on the community gets a heads up from the website. Trust me, was nowhere near that easy to use and did I mention the spam? We lose the pretty photos and the whole Facebook style interface but we have our blog which is waaaay better anyway.

So, click on the picture above, sign up, then join our Perth community. The next meet is another Potterama and I am sure that will be up soon so join up quick to be kept in the loop.

OMG the spam! 😉

Objects of desire

While the Polka Dot vintage market didn’t elicit nearly enough ooh and ahh moments (quite disappointing really) and the craft fair was faintly frightening (when did stamping become a craft?), the antiques and collectibles fair was quite overwhelming.

I could wax lyrical about the tea sets I regretfully walked past, and the clocks that made me want to swoon, but I shan’t.

Instead I’ll share with you the pint-sized sewing machines there were for sale.

Cute, arent they? And quite pricey.

For when the power goes out

Having such a... comprehensive tool kit may not be a good sign

This is a Mercury brand, one Ive not heard of

Very versatile stuff, bakelite

Ahhhhh… pretty.

Big news

My wonderful, amazing sewing friends, I have some exciting but sad news to share with you.

For the last 6 months my husband and I have been wrangling with a big decision regarding the “next phase” of our lives together. Basically we are at the point where we need to decide if we settle properly here in Perth (buy a house, make some babies, that kind of thing) or whether we return to New Zealand. We both desperately miss out families and decided that New Zealand is where we want to be.

The plan was to prepare ourselves mentally for the big move over the next year to 18 months and then pack up and go. As plans go this seemed pretty reasonable but as we all know, plans never go to…well…plan. Darling husband applied for a job last month on a whim. He applied for two reasons, firstly, the job was in Wellington and that’s where both our families are. Second reason, this job is a step-sideways from his current job and something he wanted to get into in the future.  He really didn’t expect to hear anything because the job was well out of his league. As it turned out the company wasn’t looking for the typical respondent, they were in fact looking for the absolute opposite. To cut a long story short, after three 1 hour phone interviews over a very tense three weeks they have offered him a job.

And so, we go to New Zealand, earlier than expected.

Wellington from Mt Victoria - November 2009

This is exciting for me because I desperately miss my home but also really sad because honestly, until I meet up with Sandra and all you girls through our amazing club, I didn’t really have any friends here. I look forward to each of our meets and wish we could meet every week to the point that some of us do catch up much more regularly, even if it is just for lunch. Something I recently learnt, having hung out with you girls, is that “real” friends aren’t the people that geography, birth year and happenstance stuck you in a classroom with for 15 years, “real” friends are the people you meet later, who you chose to hang out with because they share your sense of humour, your hobbies, your view of life. It sounds a bit mushy I know but in saying goodbye to Perth I am also saying goodbye to some of my first “real” friends, you’re all incredible and I will miss you all so much!

BSC Perth 1st meet

The plan is still a bit fuzzy, I’ll keep you in the loop, but right now we are looking at a 6 week count down. That means this next meet will probably be my last. Depending on how quickly our cars sell and how full the last week here is I may get to one more meet (although by then some men would have well and truly packed my machines in boxes and I hope they would be well on their way to the Tasman Sea), plus if that meet is at Potter’s I’ll end up with some serious over-weight baggage charges! Hehe

Wellington Harbour

The last few days have been more stressful than the ones leading up to my wedding but we won’t slip quietly away, you can be assured, there will be some form of lunch or dinner and you are all welcome to come celebrate with us.

Now for some housekeeping – I pretty much run the blog myself along with your amazing contributions and I love doing it, it satisfies my nerdy perhaps-I-should-have-gotten-into-IT tendencies but I really want to bump one or two of you up to admin so you have more control. I have a couple of you in mind but I’d like you tell me if you are interested. That goes for the Ning site (to help out Sandra) and the Facebook page as well. If you are interested let me know, they pretty much run themselves but it’s a good idea to have one or two of you “on the list” as it were.  I hope you’ll allow me to continue to be an (honorary) member of the club and I’d love to continue to contribute and post as well.

BSC Perth's 1st Birthday

But let’s not close the book, the internet makes the world that much smaller and easier and I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you, I may even get to pop back by hiding in hubby’s suitcase when he travels for work. I am easy to find – I’m on Facebook, I have an email address and a blog so please feel free to get those details off of me. And lastly, please, if you make it to NZ (which is a really cool country by the way) please come visit me. I promise to take you fabric souvenir shopping and I’ll show you why Wellington is so damn cool.

Mel xx

Typical Wellington Hillside

Feeling a little bit vintage

So Ruby Slypprz and I, we’re out and proud about our love for all things vintage – and if gorgeous vintage things can be found at flea markets and garage sales, so much the better.

At the Woodbridge Garage Sale Trail (our name for it) we chanced upon a garage sale (one of more than a dozen) properly in a garage (who’d’a thunk it?!).  And this one had a box of patterns for sale (there may have been a squeal of excitement).

How much?

10c per pattern, or $5 for the whole box.  Done!

And what bounty it held!  Some patterns still priced in shillings and pence, some patterns for young girls, some very ill-advised patterns for teenaged boys, and some with real style.

This I can see in something quite plain, with some fake fur on the collar and perhaps around the sleeves and hem.  Or perhaps on a taffeta for evening.

I think I’m developing a thing about collars – this is a very plain, but flattering, 60s sheath design, that is so much more interesting because of that collar.  I’m thinking the three-quarter sleeve version in something a bit slinky.  With an over-the-top rosette mid-decolletage.

And this is my favourite!  You can see the price in the top right corner: four shillings, ninepence.  Oh, that collar – I love it.  I think this will have to be in some sort of sensible gabardine or suiting fabric with a completely outrageous contrast collar and buttons.

Wanted: Entry Level Sewing Machine

So, I’m looking for some advice. A friend of mine is contemplating purchasing a sewing machine. Sewing is a relatively new thing for her… and at the moment she’s using my spare machine (a Hobby 303 made for Pfaff). But that’s not permanent… she’s going to need to purchase her own at some point! So I’m doing a little research on a solid entry-level machine for her. So, what do I think I’m looking for ::

  • No fancy stitches required (definitely looking for a basic model);
  • Drop in bobbin;
  • One step button hole preferred… but not essential;
  • Cost is a factor – cheaper is better.

My friend is not planning on taking up anything super fancy. We’re talking some kids clothes/costumes plus home stuff – cushions, curtains etc.

Anyone want to make a suggestion/recommend a machine?

Quick site update

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post to let you know that I had a little rejig of the pages at the top there. Did you notice we had pages?

We now have a Resources page and that’s where ‘Downloads’ has disappeared to and guess what? The ‘Sewing Map’ is there now too, remember the map? I didn’t, totally slipped my mind but that’s all fixed now, go check it out!