Lower looper blues

There’s no doubt I’m spoilt – my beloved bought me both my sewing machine and my overlocker and is endlessly patient with the loose threads that spread through the house, the almost-but-not-quite-overflowing fabric cupboard and the (admittedly lessening degree of) swearing that emanates from my sewing room.

The overlocker was a birthday present  – brand new and complete with a lesson.  I took The Curious Kiwi’s advice and played with it for several months, mostly working out what it could do, and giggling helplessly at the very 80s instructional DVD.

So, on Saturday I packed it up and headed to the Janome shop for my lesson.  There were three of us with the same model, which made for lots of individual attention.  (And yes, I did give the other two students and the teacher details of BSC Perth – if you’re reading Jan, Natalie and Cindy, please come to the next meeting.)

An hour zipped along very quickly, with a fair chunk of it taken up with step-by-step threading of the machine.  I was quite relieved to hear my lower looper blues – it’s quite difficult to thread – are common, everyone struggles.

We went through several settings, including some very useful combinations of stitch length, tension and differential feed to create beautifully even easing for the setting of sleeves, and ruffles, because, well, ruffles are awesome.

I’m contemplating a follow-up lesson, as this one served to show just how versatile an overlocker can be.  If you’ve never played with an overlocker, I do recommend them.  Along with a beloved who recognises their importance too!


One response to “Lower looper blues

  1. I doff my metaphorical tiara to all who wrangle successfully with the beast they call O’verLocke’r. Still seems like technological voodoo to me, but mostly just a fear of the unknown. Kudos to your victory!

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