Not your Nana’s quilt

Here’s your bit of inspiration to get you sewing this weekend, and it comes from a little project I have in mind, well, not little actually, epic is probably a better word…

It’s a long term project, something I will work on over the period of a couple of years, on and off, whenever it grabs me, in-between garments kind of thing.

I want to make a quilt.

Now before you roll your eyes (I know a few of you did) it’s not going to be a “country” quilt, nothing even vaguely resembling the traditional quilt that just popped into your mind.  There will be no pinwheels or log cabins or nine-patches. There will be no blocks full stop. I want to make a work of art that happens to be a quilt.

You either have a strong opinion of quilting (like scrapbooking) love vs hate or you are indifferent. For the haters and the indifferenters (yes I made that word up, my post, my rules)  I want  to show you a different type of quilting, maybe it’s something the lovers will like as well

It’s quilting, ladies, but not as we know it!

Arpent Bend - Leah Evans

Map Haiku's - Leah Evans

Shoreline - Leah Evans

By far my favourite “quilt artist” (if there is such a thing) at the moment is Leah Evans (above) but today I also discovered Ian Hudley. Now how about these for quilting inspiration?

South River - Ian Hudley

Bierbergen Oedelum Black - Ian Hudley

Bray Lake - Ian Hudley

There is an obvious theme to these two artists and if you’ve seen my (still partially completed) jeans you’ll understand my biased obsession with maps.

And before you ask, they’ll be finished in the next week or two, it’s just far too hot for denim right now and I just started a summer maxi dress last night for some quick sewing gratification. I’ll do a little photo shoot over the weekend and hopefully share on Monday, just to prove I do actually sew 😉

Have a great sewing weekend xx


3 responses to “Not your Nana’s quilt

  1. FYI: I was in the “indifferent” category until I started my “serious” quilt research 😉

  2. I have always been “curious” about quilting

  3. I think indifferenters is a great word and am adding to my personal vocabulary. And I am looking forward to being impressed with your design.

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