Tutorial: Visualising Fabric on Patterns – Part One (Photoshop) (via the curious kiwi)

I just posted part one of a two-part tutorial over on my blog and I thought I would share it with you chiccys in case you’d like  to give it a go.

I use Adobe Photoshop to transform pattern line drawings with photographs of my fabrics to get a little taste of the end result. It’s not as hard as it looks and for those of you who don’t own Photoshop I am currently writing part two which explains  how to do get the same result using a free program called Gimp.

Tutorial: Visualising Fabric on Patterns - Part One (Photoshop) I was hoping to share some sewing with you today but I had a bit of a crazy weekend. I’ll share more of that with you later but for now, here’s what I was working on most of Saturday. I posted recently about my NERDY stash busting using Evernote. Several sharp-eyed seamstresses noticed that in my examples I had included images showing my selected fabrics with the pattern line drawing. I make these up to help me decide if I like the pattern in tha … Read More

via the curious kiwi


3 responses to “Tutorial: Visualising Fabric on Patterns – Part One (Photoshop) (via the curious kiwi)

  1. I’ve been lurking in the background ever since I came to a very early workshop (aprons – mine incorporated an old dingo flour bag, and yes, I did finish it … eventually, and it’s gone to a very loving home in Auckland). It’s been great keeping an eye on all the activity, and I am particularly enjoying the blog(s).
    I haven’t done much sewing recently, but having been getting itchy fingers: just today I recieved a Christine Jonson pattern for her Inset Jacket – this could end up in my stash of beautiful but uncut patterns, however I’m hoping it might be the one to break the drought!

    best wishes to all,


  2. Mel, I tried Evernote. IT IS THE BEST PROGRAM EVER!!! Cheers

    • I know, right?!! Vanessa first introduced me to it and I’ve just taken it to new nerdy heights 😉 Super handy, it really does help me keep a good thumb on my sewing patterns.

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