Bunting Done(ting)!

So the club bunting idea initially started to take form over 6 months ago… and today was finally realised (at least in my backyard for a dodgy photo shoot – apologies for the poor lighting)!

A final 2 notes ::

Elizabeth – that brown velvet-y fabric is digusting to sew. I now have even greater admiration for the fact that you persevered and sewed an entire top out of it. (I only had to sew about 4 inches… and I hated every moment of it ;-).

Mel – I had to sacrifice your “S” bunt (is that the singular form of bunting?) because it wouldn’t sit right. However, I did cut the “S” out and attach it to the zippered bunt (having removed the button-thingys due to the weighting problems they caused). Also, see your wedding dress lace attached to the “C” of “club”.

Now we just need to find some way/place to use it!


7 responses to “Bunting Done(ting)!

  1. That looks awesome. Finished in less than a week in your hands! You must be one of those people that don’t start a new project till the old one is finished.

  2. It looks amazing! great job girls!

  3. You are a legend Sarah! It looks amazing 🙂
    Good call, I knew the pink bunt(i?) was dodgy from the minute I started sewing it but I’m glad you salvaged the ‘S” and yay for wedding lace!
    I’m going to post it up to BurdaStyle to we can skyte how wicked our sewing club is, yay us!

  4. That looks fantastic! Well done.
    How about a sewing flash mob – even if it’s just hand sewing – somewhere in the city one weekend?

  5. I just popped over to the ning site and noticed that there are now 800 members. Hmm, we comprise 7.5% of that number. We’ve got lots to skyte about!

  6. We’re so awesome, so if we get up to 80 members we have a 10% world wide share, go us!


    I think we could do a sewing flash mob at a coffee shop, we need somewhere where we can get power… 😉 (Hey Vansessa, I bet Garett @ Pony wouldn’t mind)

  7. Oh, well done Sarah! Looks great. And I do apologise for foisting the horrible velvet on you. But it does look pretty in the light.

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