A Sunday Surprise…

A little birdie found out that Sandra had a birthday coming up later this month so we decided to plan something different for Sunday’s meet.

The meet post went up like usual but covertly we planned a bit of a cerebration: food, wine…not much sewing, that kind of thing. We met at a top secret location (Bunnings Malaga. Big green shed, on the corner of Malaga Drive and Marshall Road? You can’t miss it) then at 1:35pm we jumped into our cars and headed around the corner,  convoy style. We were perfectly timed, like a brand new sewing machine (I’m not sure why we bothered to lug them along as well) as Sandra decided to pop to the ladies just as we pulled up.  We quickly absorbed Lily into our devious plan and when she led Sandra back out with closed eyes we sprung our trap singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and generally making a lot of noise.


The rest of our afternoon was full of sewing gossip, a (tiny) bit of sewing, plenty of yummy food and drink (thank you to everyone for bringing such yummy treats!) and our usual fill of laughter.

Gill made an amazing cake with little sewing toppings

Dress dummy: tick. Tape measure: tick. Buttons: tick. Thread: tick!

And it tasted great too!

Delicious? Big TICK!

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came. Sandra is a huge part of our wonderful sewing group, without her we’d be homeless and I guarantee we’d never have grown to such numbers as we have now. Sunday was the perfect day to surprise her and give her a much deserved thank you from all of us.

Here are a few more pics from our day:

"50c!" points out Thrift Queen Gill

Sarah continued to build her hexagonal army

Elizabeth works on a waist coat out of the perfect home decor fabric

Irene's crochet Monkey had a little too much fun (and almost got monkeynapped by Gill)



3 responses to “A Sunday Surprise…

  1. was lovely to suprise her shes a star as are you mel for whipping troops into shape,, glad the cake was nice,, phew !!! aka thriftqueen

  2. ps can you put my blog address on page too,, gillcordiner@blogspot.com cool

  3. Thank you so much ladies, I didn’t suspect a thing, even when Lily was leading me out! I was completely overwhelmed, and very touched. And Gill, the cake was amazing!

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