The link between fairy dust and frustration

Posted on March 6, 2011 by Elizabeth LiketheQueen

Some things stay with you – like the colour of my school uniform. I’ve never been able to wear brown since I doffed it with great relief in 1987. But lovely colleague Alison is most definitely an autumn-toned person and goes quite weak at the knees at shades of chocolate and mocha. And last week it was her birthday.

At the Great Potters Invasion, on the Remnant Table of Endless Inspiration, there was a piece of silk/rayon velvet in a shade that my winter-toned sensibilities could only describe as… a case of the trots. But perfect for Alison.

It wasn’t a terribly big piece, but quite lush and crying out to become an unstructured bolero. The interesting thing about this velvet is the way it catches the light, you can see it reflects and refracts depending on how the pile (no pun intended) is lying.

The other interesting thing was the way such a delicate fabric resisted pinning, cutting and sewing. With the way it moved in the light, one could be forgiven for thinking it was sentient.

It was a bugger to cut, pin and sew. Incidentally, the pattern is Simplicity 4192, view C. But tarted up a bit. As I cut it, tiny clouds of that light-reflecting fairy dust puffed about my sewing room, covering everything, up to and including the cat.

Sewing together the pieces took a lot of pins and more than a few swear words – fortunately it’s a very simple pattern. It didn’t help that I didn’t have matching thread, but I prevailed.

Luckily this fabric didn’t fray, so I sewed the slimmest of hems around the sleeves, neckline and bottom hem, and then I went back to the scraps. I do love a flounce! The flounce pinned on with not-insignificant fuss, and sewing it on took a whole new lexicon of swear words.

Look at the way the light catches the flounces!

And Alison loved it.

The fairy dust, on the other hand, is little diminished by a thorough vacuum!


5 responses to “The link between fairy dust and frustration

  1. “the Remnant Table of Endless Inspiration” I love it! 🙂

  2. sarahscustard

    Did you overlock the seams on the inside of this? I’m just imagining me putting it on (un-overlocked) over a black top… and having it make me look well and truly drowned in fairy-dust!!

    Oooh… and nice flounce! I think it was totally worth the curing :-).

  3. sarahscustard

    Curing? *Cursing. #@)$* $&$@%

  4. Just lovely…hopefully the R.T.O.E.I. will yield bits o’velvet in more jewel-toned hues in future!

  5. You went to Potters and I didn’t see your SMS…. sob…. I was just in the mood and could take a lunchbreak for a change too. I missed out. Any new good stuff?

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