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KimoYES! fabric sale

I just wanted to share with you all an amazing online vintage Japanese fabric shop that I have made several purchases from and today I received an email informing me they are having a sale so no excuses not to check them out! 😉

kimoYES is an Australian company who stock a specialist range of vintage Kimono fabrics and materials and right now they are offering free shipping on orders over $50 plus you’ll get a free gift pack of your choice. If you pop over to the specials page all the already-reduced items now have a further 20% off.

I have previously purchased kimono panels and yukata. Just make sure you check the dimensions, they are not full sized fabrics that you’ll be used to purchasing but they make great belts, inserts on skirts and dresses and the quality is amazing.

Sign up for their newsletter for your chance to win a $100 Kimono silk pack each month and receive updates about the store.


Lower looper blues

There’s no doubt I’m spoilt – my beloved bought me both my sewing machine and my overlocker and is endlessly patient with the loose threads that spread through the house, the almost-but-not-quite-overflowing fabric cupboard and the (admittedly lessening degree of) swearing that emanates from my sewing room.

The overlocker was a birthday present  – brand new and complete with a lesson.  I took The Curious Kiwi’s advice and played with it for several months, mostly working out what it could do, and giggling helplessly at the very 80s instructional DVD.

So, on Saturday I packed it up and headed to the Janome shop for my lesson.  There were three of us with the same model, which made for lots of individual attention.  (And yes, I did give the other two students and the teacher details of BSC Perth – if you’re reading Jan, Natalie and Cindy, please come to the next meeting.)

An hour zipped along very quickly, with a fair chunk of it taken up with step-by-step threading of the machine.  I was quite relieved to hear my lower looper blues – it’s quite difficult to thread – are common, everyone struggles.

We went through several settings, including some very useful combinations of stitch length, tension and differential feed to create beautifully even easing for the setting of sleeves, and ruffles, because, well, ruffles are awesome.

I’m contemplating a follow-up lesson, as this one served to show just how versatile an overlocker can be.  If you’ve never played with an overlocker, I do recommend them.  Along with a beloved who recognises their importance too!

Not your Nana’s quilt

Here’s your bit of inspiration to get you sewing this weekend, and it comes from a little project I have in mind, well, not little actually, epic is probably a better word…

It’s a long term project, something I will work on over the period of a couple of years, on and off, whenever it grabs me, in-between garments kind of thing.

I want to make a quilt.

Now before you roll your eyes (I know a few of you did) it’s not going to be a “country” quilt, nothing even vaguely resembling the traditional quilt that just popped into your mind.  There will be no pinwheels or log cabins or nine-patches. There will be no blocks full stop. I want to make a work of art that happens to be a quilt.

You either have a strong opinion of quilting (like scrapbooking) love vs hate or you are indifferent. For the haters and the indifferenters (yes I made that word up, my post, my rules)  I want  to show you a different type of quilting, maybe it’s something the lovers will like as well

It’s quilting, ladies, but not as we know it!

Arpent Bend - Leah Evans

Map Haiku's - Leah Evans

Shoreline - Leah Evans

By far my favourite “quilt artist” (if there is such a thing) at the moment is Leah Evans (above) but today I also discovered Ian Hudley. Now how about these for quilting inspiration?

South River - Ian Hudley

Bierbergen Oedelum Black - Ian Hudley

Bray Lake - Ian Hudley

There is an obvious theme to these two artists and if you’ve seen my (still partially completed) jeans you’ll understand my biased obsession with maps.

And before you ask, they’ll be finished in the next week or two, it’s just far too hot for denim right now and I just started a summer maxi dress last night for some quick sewing gratification. I’ll do a little photo shoot over the weekend and hopefully share on Monday, just to prove I do actually sew 😉

Have a great sewing weekend xx

Tutorial: Visualising Fabric on Patterns – Part One (Photoshop) (via the curious kiwi)

I just posted part one of a two-part tutorial over on my blog and I thought I would share it with you chiccys in case you’d like  to give it a go.

I use Adobe Photoshop to transform pattern line drawings with photographs of my fabrics to get a little taste of the end result. It’s not as hard as it looks and for those of you who don’t own Photoshop I am currently writing part two which explains  how to do get the same result using a free program called Gimp.

Tutorial: Visualising Fabric on Patterns - Part One (Photoshop) I was hoping to share some sewing with you today but I had a bit of a crazy weekend. I’ll share more of that with you later but for now, here’s what I was working on most of Saturday. I posted recently about my NERDY stash busting using Evernote. Several sharp-eyed seamstresses noticed that in my examples I had included images showing my selected fabrics with the pattern line drawing. I make these up to help me decide if I like the pattern in tha … Read More

via the curious kiwi

Bunting Done(ting)!

So the club bunting idea initially started to take form over 6 months ago… and today was finally realised (at least in my backyard for a dodgy photo shoot – apologies for the poor lighting)!

A final 2 notes ::

Elizabeth – that brown velvet-y fabric is digusting to sew. I now have even greater admiration for the fact that you persevered and sewed an entire top out of it. (I only had to sew about 4 inches… and I hated every moment of it ;-).

Mel – I had to sacrifice your “S” bunt (is that the singular form of bunting?) because it wouldn’t sit right. However, I did cut the “S” out and attach it to the zippered bunt (having removed the button-thingys due to the weighting problems they caused). Also, see your wedding dress lace attached to the “C” of “club”.

Now we just need to find some way/place to use it!

Random stuff

Just a quick post as I still haven’t got around to photographing my two beignet skirts I made recently.  So in absence of real sewing news…

There is a great free “wrap singlet” pattern at from Hot Patterns.  Get it here.

Also Homecraft Textiles (Albany Hwy, St James) has 50% off everything this month.  They are great for notions,  elastics and thread.  Also for this month, they are open Sundays so  no trekking to Joondalup when you need that zip so you can finish your skirt to wear to work on Monday!

Currently working on a Pendrell top.  Sarah I think we should have a competition to see who can come up with the 3 different versions first!


A Sunday Surprise…

A little birdie found out that Sandra had a birthday coming up later this month so we decided to plan something different for Sunday’s meet.

The meet post went up like usual but covertly we planned a bit of a cerebration: food, wine…not much sewing, that kind of thing. We met at a top secret location (Bunnings Malaga. Big green shed, on the corner of Malaga Drive and Marshall Road? You can’t miss it) then at 1:35pm we jumped into our cars and headed around the corner,  convoy style. We were perfectly timed, like a brand new sewing machine (I’m not sure why we bothered to lug them along as well) as Sandra decided to pop to the ladies just as we pulled up.  We quickly absorbed Lily into our devious plan and when she led Sandra back out with closed eyes we sprung our trap singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and generally making a lot of noise.


The rest of our afternoon was full of sewing gossip, a (tiny) bit of sewing, plenty of yummy food and drink (thank you to everyone for bringing such yummy treats!) and our usual fill of laughter.

Gill made an amazing cake with little sewing toppings

Dress dummy: tick. Tape measure: tick. Buttons: tick. Thread: tick!

And it tasted great too!

Delicious? Big TICK!

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came. Sandra is a huge part of our wonderful sewing group, without her we’d be homeless and I guarantee we’d never have grown to such numbers as we have now. Sunday was the perfect day to surprise her and give her a much deserved thank you from all of us.

Here are a few more pics from our day:

"50c!" points out Thrift Queen Gill

Sarah continued to build her hexagonal army

Elizabeth works on a waist coat out of the perfect home decor fabric

Irene's crochet Monkey had a little too much fun (and almost got monkeynapped by Gill)