Mission Accomplished: Potters Textile Invasion

What an amazing afternoon we all had invading Potters Textiles in West Leederville?! The team opened up today at 1:30pm just for us. How lucky are we girls?


So we swarmed on them like hungry locusts to a prime crop. The fabric purchase queue stretched the length of their modest store and I was surprised there was anything left once we were done. I didn’t get a true count but I’d guess we easily had 50 beautiful and wide-eyed Perth seamstresses enjoying the amazing range.

From Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman

Those who could stay a bit longer enjoyed a talk from Simon about the history of Potters and the designers they supply (from Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman no less and everyone in between) it was neat to discover we are purchasing fabric that these big labels also purchase (the image above, perfect example, who bought the fabric on the left? It was in the store, I think I’ll be going back on Monday to nab myself some!).

If you missed out we are planning to repeat this successful day in about 3 months time and we think it would be great if we all show up wearing something we’ve made with their fabrics. Why don’t you pop down there yourself? They change their fabrics around about every 2-3 weeks.

My Potters purchases

Here is what I managed to buy, not a lot compared to some girls (you know who I mean, hehe) 100% silk sheer ($16.95/m) and 100% cotton stripe ($8.95/m), they will become a blouse (maybe another JJ) and a skirt I think.







What was your favourite purchase from today? What are you going to make from it?


11 responses to “Mission Accomplished: Potters Textile Invasion

  1. Today was ace! I love that striped fabric you bought… I was tempted by that one too… however, as much as I love me some stripes, I don’t love sewing them quite so much πŸ˜› I think going back in 3 months time will absolutely be a winner – – though maybe not as a replacement to sewing time (ala this month). I want some sewing time! Oh, and I also appreciated the fact that so many people shared my strong aversion to scrapbooking (sorry Irene) ;-).

  2. Melissa, you might have been seeing double—I reckon 25 savvy seamstresses, give or take a few. Maybe there will be some new faces at the next club gathering as a result? Awesome!
    Missed the scrap-dis session, but I concur.
    Any brilliant suggestions for the brilliant ruby-coloured suiting that I somehow couldn’t resist?

    • I don’t know, you’d be surprised, between my photos and Jacquies’ I got to a count of 38…Yay for new members, I was doing my best to encourage more for next month and it was so much fun to put faces to names that I’ve only known “”online”. How much of the suiting did you get? I can see a sexy ruby Roland Mouret galaxy dress, vogue 8280 πŸ™‚

      • Koobakii (Deb Avec daughter Aimee

        What a fabulous afternoon, absolute winner. The Potters are, without doubt, wonderfully friendly and accommodating people, I’m sure we’ll all do our best to spread the word so the retail outlet continues. I have a made-up Vogue 8280 Debra if that would help with your decision making at all.

      • Only 1.9 meters—would it be too ambitious to attempt a shorter manifestation of a classic trench coat, lined with something surprising? I’ll certainly check out the Vogue—merci for the suggestion!

      • Ohh I like the idea of a short trench…but maybe closer to winter πŸ˜‰ and it MUST have a fun lining, that’s my number 1 coat rule – the lining must be at least as awesome as the outside πŸ™‚

  3. I’d’ve guessed about 40, and wasn’t it great to see so many new faces?! I picked up two interested remnants – a silk/rayon velvet that will make a wrap for a colleague’s birthday next week – nothing like a little time pressure! – some embroidered wool for a wrap for me, and some quite big scraps that have yet to reveal their future shape.

  4. That was a stupendous afternoon! I got a bit overexcited around all that wonderful fabric – and had quite a challenge when I got home trying to stuff the purchases in the cupboard. The talk by Simon Potter was so interesting – I had no idea they did all that; designed the fabric, where they get it made, and who they supply to. Awesome.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon! Ooh, that smoky purply Zimmerman fabric is totally divine… I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to add to my embarrassingly huge stash…! πŸ˜‰

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