Saturday 11th Dec

Today’s meet was a heap of fun, with Vanessa, Jacqui, Sarah, Gil (who shamefully left early!) Debra, Elizabeth and new member Leanne.  And of course, honorary  junior member (or mascot) Lily, who handed out Christmas crackers and read all the jokes.

We worked on our latest projects which included Sarah’s handpieced quilt in luscious turquoise and red, Gil’s trouser fly and Elizabeth’s wrap blouse – to wear out tonight.  Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the job done!

Ken Powell, scissor sharpener extraordinaire, worked his magic on many of our scissors, including my ancient pinking shears.  I need mine done regularly, so I’ll make sure to book him to coincide with a BurdaStyle club day.

See you next time.



2 responses to “Saturday 11th Dec

  1. hey new blog cool,, so my apologies to the group as im having to withdraw my offer for cheese and wine in my back yard, nit one to normally back out of cheese and wine, prob my all time fave combination, and with magazines and fabric on top near to perfection, if only don draper were to serve the drinks,, so anyhow to get back to my abysmal apology, my darling husband has contracted big beardy men to cut down 4 very large trees that week end and on the Sunday the stump grinder is coming to go at it, not that peaceful,, i tried to reschedule but my husband got bit nippy about it, and seeing these trees are being removed for possibly a new wing to our tiny house i cant complain, so sorry ladies not only am i not hosting drink and nibbles i wont evn make the meeting, boo bloody hoo see you next month ,,, and again sorry gill

  2. Sandra to come to the rescue! I am happy for everyone to come to my house afterwards for the aforementioned wine and cheese, followed by a barbeque (or we can have Thai delivered from Perth’s best Thai place) and our semi-annual movie-on-the-shed.

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