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Sew, where do you sew?

I really liked Sarah’s idea of “Inspiration Posts” so I’m jumping on the band wagon because, as my hard-drive can attest, you can never have too much inspiration 😉

My first inspiration post is going to be about sewing spaces! We all dream about the perfect sewing room don’t we? I’ve been collected images from all over the web to inspire my current sewing space (and future dream sewing space) and what I’ve learnt is that it doesn’t matter whether you have an entire studio, a single room, or a cupboard, there are heaps of great ideas for your space.

Here is a small selection from my image collection. Images link to their source if I had it and I apologise in advance for any lack of credit. I’ve been saving these images to a folder for ages, sometimes I get them from one site via another site and so on, sometimes the memory of where they came from is long gone, if you spot an image and know where I got it feel free to credit below in the comments and I will edit it back in.

So lets start with the smallest of the small, proving you don’t need a lot of space to sew, you just need a bit of clever organisation and possibly several trips to Ikea 😉 This Ikea hack of the Billy bookcase is way too clever, closing away to hide everything, all you need to add is a fold away table and you are set to sew.

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack via Craftzine

Got one of those fold away laundries that fit into a cupboard? You don’t need that laundry, convert it to a sewing space like these two fantastic examples:

Good storage solution (via Container Store)

Close it all away when done

I think this is a doll house scale armoire but I love the idea of finding a vintage cabinet and fitting it out (in real life 1:1 scale that is):

Sometimes all you need is a well organised table in your own little corner:

Kangaroo & Joey by Kangaroo Kabinets

Colourful Sewing Corner

If you are lucky enough to have a bit more space, say a whole room to yourself:

Overhead shelving is good for your "small" fabric collection - the fabric you let your husband see that is!

And don’t forget to personalise your space a little bit:

What’s the best sewing space idea you’ve seen?

Right, now back to your sewing space and get creative 🙂 I’d love to see some of your amazing work, feel free to email me a picture of your latest project (or your sewing space) and a few words about it so we can share with the group.


Mission Accomplished: Potters Textile Invasion

What an amazing afternoon we all had invading Potters Textiles in West Leederville?! The team opened up today at 1:30pm just for us. How lucky are we girls?


So we swarmed on them like hungry locusts to a prime crop. The fabric purchase queue stretched the length of their modest store and I was surprised there was anything left once we were done. I didn’t get a true count but I’d guess we easily had 50 beautiful and wide-eyed Perth seamstresses enjoying the amazing range.

From Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman

Those who could stay a bit longer enjoyed a talk from Simon about the history of Potters and the designers they supply (from Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman no less and everyone in between) it was neat to discover we are purchasing fabric that these big labels also purchase (the image above, perfect example, who bought the fabric on the left? It was in the store, I think I’ll be going back on Monday to nab myself some!).

If you missed out we are planning to repeat this successful day in about 3 months time and we think it would be great if we all show up wearing something we’ve made with their fabrics. Why don’t you pop down there yourself? They change their fabrics around about every 2-3 weeks.

My Potters purchases

Here is what I managed to buy, not a lot compared to some girls (you know who I mean, hehe) 100% silk sheer ($16.95/m) and 100% cotton stripe ($8.95/m), they will become a blouse (maybe another JJ) and a skirt I think.







What was your favourite purchase from today? What are you going to make from it?

Calling for Perth contributors

Do you blog about sewing? Would you like to join our blog and share your sewing on BSC Perth WA‘s blog? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about giving blogging a go but are not ready to commit to your own blog?  Well we’d love you to blog with us!

You don’t have to promise you’ll blog regularly, maybe you’ll only post once a month, or once a year, perhaps you’ll love it so much you’ll post weekly or even take the chance and start your own blog. We just want you to share your sewing with us.

Interested? Good! Send an email to with the following information and we’ll get you set up:

WordPress Users: Just send us your WordPress blog address and the email address you use for your WordPress account and we’ll send you back an invite. Please also attach an avatar image (you can sue you WordPress gravitar like me) you want to display when you blog, we’ll add this at the start of each of your posts so that we can easily see who’s writing each time.

NonWordPress Users: Just send us your full name and your email address so we can fill out the invite form, you’ll get an email invite from WordPress on our behalf. Please also attach an avatar image you want to display when you blog (don’t worry too much about size, we can crop it for you), we’ll add this at the start of each of your posts so that we can easily see who’s writing each time.

We look forward to reading your sewing stories.

Until then happy sewing.

Perth Bloggers Unite!

Hello Perth sewers,  do you keep a sewing blog? We’d love to add you to our Perth bloggers list! Respond in the comments section of this post with your blog address and we’ll add you to the side-bar so that we can all follow each others sewing adventures.

Saturday 11th Dec

Today’s meet was a heap of fun, with Vanessa, Jacqui, Sarah, Gil (who shamefully left early!) Debra, Elizabeth and new member Leanne.  And of course, honorary  junior member (or mascot) Lily, who handed out Christmas crackers and read all the jokes.

We worked on our latest projects which included Sarah’s handpieced quilt in luscious turquoise and red, Gil’s trouser fly and Elizabeth’s wrap blouse – to wear out tonight.  Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the job done!

Ken Powell, scissor sharpener extraordinaire, worked his magic on many of our scissors, including my ancient pinking shears.  I need mine done regularly, so I’ll make sure to book him to coincide with a BurdaStyle club day.

See you next time.


Recent Meets Update

Sorry that I have been a bit slack posting about recent meets, here are a few pics including some of the finds from the Thrift Store Challenge. Hopefully I can update you early next year with the transformations:

Meet 13 – August 15th

This month we celebrated 1 year of socially sewing together. It’s been a really fun year and we have gotten up to a lot of mischief and fun and made a whole pile of wonderful new friends. Sandra and I had no idea how big this club would eventually get and new members are contacting us all the time. Perth is full of talented sewers and I feel our ‘little’ club has plugged a large gap in the social sewing group scene.

A big thanks to everyone who came, thank you also to those who bought some yummy food, it was definitely a worthy party.

Here are a few pics from our fun day:

We had presents (secret Santa style)

We had cake complete with miniature bunting

Plenty of tasty food and drink

And here is everyone who was able to attend:
(front to back, left to right):

Debra, Sarah, Cherie, Sandi, Elizabeth, Carolyn
Melissa, Jacquie, Gill, Kate, Sandra
Vanessa, Kadi & Libby